lørdag 10. mars 2012

Matporno #9: The Rose and the Beast

Igjen har jeg lest en bok av Francesca Lia Block og latt meg henføre av matbeskrivelsene som ligger der innimellom; mellom hjertesorger, heroinoverdoser, psykologtimer og ensomhet. Denne gangen er det novellsamlingen The Rose and the Beast jeg har lest og vil vise dere.

Bear brought him into the kitchen where Fox, Tiger, and Buck were eating their lunch of vegetable stew and rice, baked apples and blueberry gingerbread. They asked the gardener to join them.

- Fra novella Snow

Sometimes at night, gathered around the long wooden table finishing the peach-spice or apple-ginger pies and raspberry tea, they would tell stories of their youth – the things they had suffered separately when they went out alone to try the world. The stories were of freak shows and loneliness and too much liqour or powders and the shame of deformity.

- Fra novella Snow

The gardener was invited to share in the cherrymint pie she had made for the evening, and he spoke with her, asked about the books she liked to read (they brought her children's stories of magic, and old novels with thick, yellowish pages about passionate women in brutal landscapes) and the music she listened to, did she sew her own dress?

- Fra novella Snow; er det Emily Brontës Wuthering Heights jenta i Snow leser?

She loved to plant the beds with lillies and wisteria. camelias and gardenias, until her hands were caked with earth. To arrange the flowers in the vase like dancing sisters. To make the salmon in pomegranate sauce; the salads of spinach, red onion, pine nuts, oranges, and avocados; the golden vanilla cream custards; the breads and piecrusts that powdered her with flour.

- Fra novella

Jeg synes forresten coveret til boka er vanvittig fint.

She had made a meal of jasmine rice, coconut milk, fresh mint, and chiles. There were tall glasses of mineral water with slices of lime like green moons rising above clear bubbling pools. There was a glass bowl full of gardenias.
- Fra novella Charm; dette høres ut som en middagsrett jeg spiser ofte.

One of our assignments was to write about your perfect dream day. I wonder what this boy's perfect dream day would be. Probably to get to fuck Pamela Lee or something. Unless he was really cool as I hoped, in which case it would be to wake up in a bed full of cute puppies and eat a bowl full of chocolate chip cookies in milk and get on a plane and get to go to a warm, clean, safe place (the cats and dogs would arrive there later, not at all stressed from their journey) where you could swim in blue-crystal water all day naked without being afraid and you could lie in the sun and tell your best friend (who was also there) your funniest stories so that you both laughed so hard you thought you'd pop and at night you got to go to a restaurant full of balloons and candles and stuffed bears, like my birthdays when I was little, and eat mounds of ice cream after removing the circuses of tiny plastic animals from on top.

- Fra novella Wolf

I stopped at the liqour store and bought a bag of pretzels and a Mountain Dew because I hadn't eaten all day and my stomach was talking pretty loud.

- Fra novella Wolf

One day Rose Red takes Rose White farther away than they have been before. They are in the woods gathering berries – which they eat till their hands and tongues are purple – burying their faces in the pine needles, practicing bird calls, chasing butterflies.

- Fra novella Rose

In the morning they feed the Bear again and help themselves to bread and honey and cheese, milk and berries.They go out into the woods. Neither of them mentions the idea of going home. They forange for food for the Bear. Roots, nuts, more berries.

- Fra novella Rose

There were translucent sweet red and green fruits shaped like hearts, bright gold roasted-tasting grains shaped like stars, huge ruffley purple vegetables and small satiny blue ones. Everything smelled fresh and rich and light, and Beauty found herself stooped over her plate, licking it, like a wild animal.

- Fra novella Beast

We got the flu and ate rice balls and miso soup in the bathtub.

- Fra novella Ice

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Synne sa...

Åh, jeg elsker å lese om mat i bøker! Beskrivelser som disse gjør meg alltid sulten, selv om jeg nettopp har spist, som nå. Tror jeg må angripe avocadoen, selv om jeg egentlig tenkte å spare den tid kvelds, hoho!

h sa...

Ja! Jeg husker at jeg tenkte lenge på matbeskrivelsene til Francesca Lia Block, etter å ha blitt ferdig med å lese bøkene hennes