onsdag 5. juni 2013

[...] it cannot be denied that the most successful practioners of the art of life, often unknown people by the way, somehow contrive to synchronize the sixty or seventy different times which beat simultaneously in every normal human system so that when eleven strikes, all the rest chime in unison, and the present is neither a violent disruption nor completely forgotten in the past. Of them we can justly say that they live precisely the sixty-eight or seventy-two years allotted them on the tombstone. Of the rest some  we know to be dead though they walk among us; some are not yet born though they go through the forms of life; others are hundreds of years old though they call themselves thirty-six. The true length of a person's life, whatever the Dictionary of National Biography* may say, is always a matter of dispute. For it is a difficult business--this time-keeping; [...]

- Fra Virginia Woolfs Orlando

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Stjernekast sa...

Du er jo helt rå! Gratulerer så mye! God tur til Finland! :-D