torsdag 1. mars 2012

the talkers
av Charles Bukowski

the boy walks with his muddy feet across my
talking about recitals, virtuosi, conductors,
the lesser known novels of Dostojevsky;
talking about how he corrected a waitress,
a hasher who didn't know that French dressing
was composed of so and so;
he gabbles about the Arts until
I hate the Arts,
and there is nothing cleaner
than getting back to a bar or
back to the track and watching them run,
watching things go without this
clamor and chatter,
talk, talk, talk,
the small mouth going, the eyes blinking,
a boy, a child, sick with the Arts,
grabbing at it like the skirt of a mother,
and I wonder how many tens of thousands
there are like him across the land
on rainy nights
on sunny mornings
on evenings meant for peace
in concert halls
in cafes
at poetry recitals
talking, soiling, arguing.

it's like a pig going to bed
with a good woman
and you don't want
the woman any more.

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heath sa...

bukowski ♡

//ja, det kan godt være! den ser jo ikke så verst ut den engelske heller, men jeg holder en knapp på den franske versjonen.