fredag 17. juni 2011

Også Francesca elsker Sofia Coppola

duty: for sofia
av Francesca Lia Block (fra diktsamlingen How to (un)cage a girl)

she was a princess of the holy wood
her parents brought her to a jungle when she was little to sit
at the feet of a prophetic madman
when she was older she performed on the stage
the crowd put her in the stocks and threw vegetables
at her da vinci face
her brother the prince drowned in the sea
she married
a man everyone called genius it seemed like paradise
she wept
alone in her villa while he flirted with actresses
she made
art won acclaim and her husband's jealousy he left
she wore
only short black or white dresses
some full some slim and elegant black flats
was named best dressed on every list smiled quietly
and like a cat
told a story about marie crowned queen at nineteen
dressed in magical shoes
showered with jewels
and cake not loved properly lost in a castle of gilt dreaming
of the natural world making babies finally beheaded

but this princess keeps dreaming her next dream
she has a lot of stories to tell
she knows that in times of danger its up to the girls
to overcome humiliation and grief even decapitation
and save us

2 kommentarer:

erleichda sa...

jeg har likt Sofia Coppola siden jeg så Godfather part III
god! det er lenge siden det- det var ikke mange som likte henne da. en fantastisk ansikt. og en stor talent.
takk for at du deler diktet : )

Amanda sa...

coppola er fantastisk!