torsdag 31. desember 2015

Bøkene jeg leste i desember

1. BARK av Lorrie Moore

2. IMOT KUNSTEN av Tomas Espedal

3. THE WILD IRIS av Louise Glück

4. THE HOLLOW OF THE HAND av PJ Harvey og Seamus Murphy


5. BIOPHILIA av Edward O. Wilson

Den aller beste boka jeg leste var uten tvil The Wild Iris av Louise Glück, en poet som jeg oppdaget tidligere denne måneden. Nydelig. Her er et av diktene:


I’ve watched you long enough,
I can speak to you any way I like–

I’ve submitted to your preferences, observing patiently
the things you love, speaking

through vehicles only, in
details of earth, as you prefer,

of blue clematis, light,

of early evening–
you would never accept

a voice like mine, indifferent
to the objects you busily name,

your mouths
smal circles of awe–

All this time
I indulged your limitation, thinking

you would cast it aside yourselves sooner or later,
thinking matter could not absorb your gaze forever–

obstacle of the clematis painting
blue flowers on the porch window–

I cannot go on
restricting myself to images

because you think it is your right
to dispute my meaning:

I am prepared now to force
clarity upon you.

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