søndag 7. mars 2010

Sparelysrør, pfft

Utdrag fra Mary-Kate Olsens intervju med moteshowprodusent Alexandre de Betak (leses i sin helhet i coffeetableboka deres).

AdB: [...]I'm going to Punta Cana for two days, well, for work actually. I'm doing environmental stuff.
MKO: You mean green, environmental events?
AdB: Yes, I'm very interested in helping to reverse some of the damage.
MKO: Do you drive a Prius?
AdB: Ha! No, I don't drive a Prius. I drive a Smart car or a Vespa. I'm actually going to Punta Cana to have a brainstorm; the idea is to basically use people like us to try and help. What I want to do is to use our skills - and that world we're in - to make green glamorous.
MKO: Yes, I think that can make the green movement glamorous. That would be a great thing. I started using green lightbulbs, but the color is very harsh. I would rather use candles than that lightbulb.
AdB: I know what you mean. If itwere a bad light, I wouldn't have been able to use it either. Light is very important to me.
MKO: Candles I love. The lightning is better, Or at least it's dimmer. Everything is better when dimmed!

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Mary-Kate <3 <3 <3 jævla smart.